Fresh water Tanks vs Marine Tanks

There is a common misconception among aquarium keepers that fresh water fish are not as beautiful as marine fish. Nothing could be further from the truth. A simple example are the Bettas or Japanese Fighting Fish. The males of the species in particular are astoundingly beautiful with their colorful fan shaped fins. I have always favored fresh water dwellers above the marine variety. The thing is that many people confuse fresh water fish with cold water fish.

For one fresh water fish do tend to be more hardy then their marine counterparts. Hardy does not mean that they don’t get diseases though. With freshwater aquariums you have a choice whether to keep cold water fish or tropical fish. You should not keep both in the same tank though. Of course with tropical fish you have a much bigger choice of pets. Another advantage to chose tropical over cold water fish in that tropical fish have a much more vibrant coloring in general.

Goldfish are the most notable of the cold water fish. Everybody knows them, and more or less everybody who has ever kept fish has had a goldfish. Goldfish are well known and liked because they are extremely hardy and put up with a lot of hardships. This is no excuse to treat your fish badly or ignore him until the tank is overgrown with algae.

Bettas are another species that can do well with little care. They can live in shallow waters and as long as they have clear access to the surface where they can breathe they can do pretty well by themselves in a little tank.

Of course if you add a little decoration and plants your aquarium will look a lot better. You can even add other living things in there along with your fish. Cherry shrimp are particularly attractive to look at. As long as your fish are small enough and are not predatory, they will co-exist with your shrimp.

Keeping an aquarium is a great way to relieve stress and with a little care and attention you can make your tank look beautiful, unique and keep it free of the most common fish diseases. Some are pretty easy to get rid of while other diseases could kill every fish in your tank once it gets infected. But when everything is taken into account I strongly believe that freshwater fish are much easier to maintain.